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      $Header: /pub/cvsroot/yencode/src/ypost/ypost.h,v 1.2 2002/03/21 04:58:31 bboy Exp $

      Copyright (C) 2002  Don Moore <bboy@bboy.net>

      This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
      it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
      the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
      (at Your option) any later version.

      This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
      but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
      GNU General Public License for more details.

      You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
      along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
      Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307  USA

#ifndef _YPOST_H
#define _YPOST_H

#include "y.h"

#     include <pwd.h>
#     include <signal.h>
#     include <sys/socket.h>
#     include <netinet/in.h>
#     include <arpa/inet.h>
#     include <netdb.h>
#     include <sys/utsname.h>

#include "meter.h"
#include "nntp.h"
#include "prompt.h"
#include "sock.h"
#include "usenet.h"

#define     DEFAULT_RETRY_LIMIT           3

/* Evaluate string for boolean options:  "[Yy](es)", "[Tt](rue)", "1", and "(o)[Nn]" evaluate to 1 */
#define  getbool(s)   \
      (s && (s[0] == 'Y' || s[0] == 'y' || s[0] == 'T' || s[0] == 't' || \
      s[0] == '1' || s[1] == 'n' || s[1] == 'N'))

extern int        opt_verbose;                              /* Should the program be verbose in its operation? */
extern int        opt_debug;                                /* Debug output? */

extern char       *opt_author;                              /* Author name for posting */
extern int        opt_prompt_author;                  /* Prompt for author? */
extern char       *opt_auth_user;                     /* Username for authentication */
extern char       *opt_auth_pass;                     /* Password for authentication */
extern int        opt_prompt_pass;                    /* Prompt for password? */
extern char       *opt_nntp_server;                   /* nntp server to use */
extern char       *opt_subject;                             /* Subject prefix */
extern int        opt_prompt_subject;                 /* Prompt for subject? */
extern char       *opt_comment;                             /* Subject suffix */
extern int        opt_prompt_comment;                 /* Prompt for comment? */
extern int        opt_timeout;                              /* Timeout for socket ops */
extern char       *opt_newsgroup;                     /* Newsgroup to post to */
extern int        opt_force;                                /* Post messages without confirming? */
extern int        opt_nosort;                               /* Do not sort input files */
extern int        opt_multipart_lines;                /* Lines per multipart message */

extern char       *opt_sender;                              /* For header generation, not set directly */

extern int        opt_line_length;                    /* Line length for posting */
extern int        opt_keep_paths;                     /* Keep relative path names? */
extern int        opt_overwrite;                            /* (not actually used by this program..) */
extern int        opt_message_id;                     /* Generate Message-ID: header when posting? */
extern int        opt_stdout;                               /* Send output to stdout instead of posting? */

extern YENCFILE   **input_files;                      /* List of files to process */
extern int              num_input_files;              /* Number of items in files */

extern int        opt_sfv;                                        /* Create .SFV file? */
extern char       *opt_sfv_filename;                  /* SFV filename */
extern int        opt_crc;                                        /* Create .CRC file? */
extern char       *opt_crc_filename;                  /* CRC filename */

extern char       *opt_sort_first;                    /* Sort these extensions first, comma separated list */

extern int        opt_resume_msg;                     /* Message number at which to restart */
extern crc32_t    opt_resume_crc;                     /* CRC value for posts, to ensure they are the same */

extern size_t     total_input_bytes;                  /* Total number of input bytes overall */

extern int        part_current,                             /* Current part number of this part */
                              part_total;                               /* Total number of parts for this part */
extern int        file_current,                             /* Current file number overall */
                              file_total;                               /* Total number of files being posted */
extern int        total_messages,                     /* Total number of messages to post */
                              total_posted;                             /* Total number of messages posted so far */

#endif /* !_YPOST_H */

/* vi:set ts=3: */

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